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Sunday, March 22, 2009

School Name vs. Student's Interest

Just got to meet and mingle with students coming from a 2 yr courses and telling me their experiences on it and their school comparing to these top notch universities. I told them that it is not always a basis for you not to land a job because of your school, you must posses the skills required and the experiences of doing it. From there you will then realize that everything is just a norms for people being bias from the society!

Ofcourse sometimes your instructor / professor also is a factor for you being interested on that topic, they must not show dissapointment on teaching it because they don't like that course they are teaching or forced because of their director , so what will be the impression of the students is to also not like it because my prof didn't like it, and they will have difficulties on following everything because of your prof.

All of these are just observation, these maybe some of the reasons why we should help other students coming from these area of school and instructor. I wanted to share some of my knowledge for them, and think that not everyone and everything is based on standards


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