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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Being a Lone Wolf Runner

Being a Lone Wolf Runner is quite good i had a roughly 3 hrs sleep put 100php in my shorts pocket and after a few warm ups im off and these are the things that happened - i got to give a stupid driver my dirty finger for almost hitting me when i got my arm reflectorized swinging at the side so that vehicles can identify me, got a bottle of Pocari Sweat at 7-eleven kinda like it better than Gatorade, when i am in the Imus Plaza i got energized by the music and the people dancing there, upon entering medicion an angry dog was also running towards me and almost bit me maybe because i exhaled loudly hehehe, i got my way out of it heheh got some tactics (sit and as if your picking a rock),did stopped twice for a water break (after i entered imus and in Mabolo) and a cup of taho in my one loop at the Eternity memorial (this is my TTh run route),while walking towards my house i ate Lomi and Pritong Lumpia i got 20php left in my shorts pocket hehehe.. well i guess that is my early Sunday!


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