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Sunday, March 07, 2010

Running - King of all Sports

Ok, so as you know, I had a major ankle injuries in both of my foot and that stopped me from playing Volleyball and Basketball. In which it took me 4mos to recover. How did i do that? Well i tried running them out, that i had this idea that it would help me recover my injuries by walking/jogging/running (my own version of therapy).

So after a month, my feet could walk and had this crazy idea to give it a try to do running. So i knew this friend of mine, which i knew he was always running in the mornings. So i had this crazy idea to run on the road at night around 7pm from Bacoor to Laspinas (more or less a 5km distance) well i had to push myself that day because i was being left behind by him shouting that i needed to stop for a minute or so, after almost going back to our place my left hamstring started to get stiffed that i cannot run anymore and couldn't barely walk, maybe because i wasn't ready yet for that distance and my leg muscles weren't trained at all, so from that night on i was amazed to what we did running on the road even i then again had an injury again now within my legs, and it beyond all of that it felt great and seems like i accomplished something i haven't imagined doing. That day on i told myself i will do Running and try to see myself doing something i think i couldn't do or accomplish that i needed the discipline for me to reach those goals.

That moment on my journey to do Running was born!

PS: Ill post my running stories in the coming days.


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