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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Driving Lessons and my new TOMS Cordones

Well, technically it was yesterday late afternoon that i started to do actual driving on the road for about ... roughly 2 hrs, i did listened carefully to his instructions about the initialization stuff ... and there i am driving on the road, while trying to stay on a distance with the king of the roads... it is a good thing i watched this YouTube video by a Fil-Am i think How to Drive a Manual Car and also uploaded it in my G1 so that i could review somehow, well it helped a lot. Now the first 2 hrs of my 7hrs training was really good! hehehe

After that i went to ATC, to catch a glimpse of the SOLE party of TOMS Shoes, i wanted to by Cordones when it first came, so i asked them about it and the saleslady kindly bring what i did choose over their brochure, among those cordones are newer than what i wanted before. So i did bought the Charcoal Cordones

the only thing i don't remember having is that blue lace. In which the on in my box is a cream color! hmmm... anyway i might wear this without the lace!

there goes my budget ...well i am happy what can i say?... time for work!


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