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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Races so far...

As you know i am still new to the King of Sports , started January 30, 2010 and until now. I found out that every step i make on the road i was always improving, well if i sleep 8hrs before the race hehehe.

Well this coming Sunday i'm going to run alone without Team A.N.G, they are on a different race. As i'm trying to wake up from a 4-5hrs sleep every Tuesdays and Thursdays to get me prepared for a race. This race is going to be different i'm doing my first 10km run at the Globe-Ayala Run from Home... hopefully what i did in the past weekend and the TTh days will pay off. Well most of the races listed are unconditioned due to work and other stuff that we had a lack of sleep every time and some no sleep at all.

Run Assumption Run
- 29:14 , my first run got a 17/91

PSC Run for your Heart
- had a side snitch, no race results i think.

Century Tuna Super Bods Run
- 34:44 , had a side snitch got a 485/3497

UNILAB Wellness Run
- 29:12, almost had a side snitch again got a 128/2254

Globe Run from Home
Mizuno Infinity Run

others races i need to check out at takbo.ph... hopefully could run a half-marathon by the end of the year or full hehehe


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