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Friday, June 04, 2010

Half Marathon Experience

Before venturing to this distance i had 3,10k races(of course got 5, 5k races also) in which one of those i got injured from a stress fracture(severe over-pronation = foot with the wrong shoe type). And so i wanted to have this feeling of earning a medal from a race so i challenge myself to a 21k that RunRio Trilogy is giving. I joined them before for a 5k race but as i watched people finishing the 21km line i felt curious and wanted to try it myself, and so it begun!

After last Sunday's run together with master Jhunn's desire to go with the distance i managed to finish my first ever Half marathon (Nature Valley RunRio Leg 2) with a time of 2:32:26 not bad for a beginner who just started running last February. To the point in which i had recovered from a Basketball ankle(both) injury in that i tried running as a therapy and now i am loving running since then. And after i found myself walking maybe because i really did not have a great rest the day before the race due to some agenda i needed to do. But hey did some fast pace running in about 2km's and passed some runners hehehe . And so i did have the medal i am aiming for plus the finisher shirt and hey we have a free pint of hagen daz!

Now the task for a Full Marathon is the next question.. ("Milo Marathon naman? - master Jhunn")


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