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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Marathon is coming...

It has been a rewarding month since we started training for the Milo Marathon coming this July 4, i know this was a crazy decision to join a marathon with just 5 months of running. But i told myself this is a big challenge that i need to complete within a month of training. And so it started this June , 3 times a week (1 tempo,1 interval and one lsd) . Last week we finished a 32km lsd and was satisfied for the results running up almost in Tagaytay. But our training has less than 2 weeks to finish .

I don't know what might happen within the run but everything is settled. I honestly say i wanted to be in the finish line at about 5hrs or less and so i could only say =
"what 42.195? "

From the grounds of my Android work to the roads i am conquering every week i know i have a lot of things to do and accomplish but for now , i can only live and do my best for today, that i will be there in the future accepting every challenge and to see what has been the results from the past of every hard work i made!


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