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Monday, June 21, 2010

Running ... while Raining... hard!

It was a Saturday afternoon that we came as early as we can in the race grounds for us to get a good place to park, visited shops around BHS, and just ate a Double Brothers Burger hrs before the assembly time. As i look in the sky it was getting dark that afraid it might rain. Rock and Run is going to have a concert then that wirings might be a problems and will not have it anyway. And so the assembly time was met, runners are lining up cheering while the people at the stage doing music(i forgot the term for them), runners are hyped up ,jumping and shouting that let's get this race on!

As the rain slowly stops, me and my friend joined the runners and while still the rain showers are getting into our singlets , im afraid that my Garmin Forerunner will malfunction , that i'm not aware of it having water resistance at all. As the rain suddenly became stronger and stronger the race organizers decided to move the fences and counted that the race will start... and so it begins...

The first 3 kilometers for me was a fun thing to do that im doing quite fast and running seems very cool , while on the 5th kilometers the rain is really hitting you hard on your head and the wind will slap you with water that was really painful on the skin, so sometimes i had to close my eyes while running just to protect them. As i am heavily breathing... because of the hard rain pouring , i couldn't inhale properly from those water drifting all over my face. And suddenly, side stitch killed my running pace that i really had to stop and think of how to overcome it. I think i stopped for almost a kilometer of walking. And then when i saw people passing me and my stitch was slowly disappearing , i told myself to run my pace again but couldn't run perfectly with my goal pace due to the rain and i need to weigh things with my side stitch that i' just felt.

After i noticed that my garmin alerted me at 8km i had to think fast if i would change my pace, but decided to hang on it well just below the target goal pace. Running in the rain that time was a first for me and when in my training and it was raining, i need to go and look for a shed and wait for the rain to stop and continue after it slows down somehow. So i did finished the race while raining hard and my GF305 is still working telling me i just had a new PR ( 52:29 for 10km, i need to check the results for later). After this race i might have a different view from this point on that it is a measure of dedication and determination to finish what you have started no matter what the condition will be. As i saw this simple post saying  “You know, it’s not always sunny on race day” (thanks for the image)


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