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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Ditched Windows?

Last Thursday , i had encountered a cool, virus crashing every exe within windows os, all the development stuff was not working anymore, i got some deadlines to meet and work within the following days, i told myself this is very annoying and i need to think fast, i decided to install and switched to Ubuntu Os
(w/c i was thinking long time ago) where my officemates were already using it. I Backed up everythin in my maxtor storage and Installed Ubuntu.

I asked for help to my colleagues, to do this and that , right now i did installed some of the development tools in Ubuntu and getting comfy with it, the only thing i need is to "install windwos xp" because i think there are some things that are really windows dependent. im still thinking how to solve the problem of GRUB because they told me that i did first installed ubuntu and then i wanted Windows? it is going to be a problem my colleagues told me.

Still need to learn alot with my new OS , its capabilites and downside.

I can say that i am now officially in Open - Source community doing open source work hell yeah!


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