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Sunday, February 22, 2009

The favorable Android Dev Phone 1

After all the struggles i did, i am now officially convinced that i might wait for Google to put the Philippines in their official list for us to buy their ADP1 and buy and sell free and paid apps in the market. Frustrating it is now the end of Q1 of 2009 is almost going to end.

Fortunately i have seen some sellers in Ebay about them selling their ADP1 ( why are they doing that?) so last 30 mins ago i did placed a bid $290 (highest now) plus the Philippine shipping cost is $100++ too heavy for someone like me , to be honest i am just going to borrow some money for this device, really wanted it!

so we'll see if i would win or get a device from somewhere / someone!

PS: And to how am i going to pay the money back hahahah


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