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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Android pause for coding or what ?

Just purchased Professional Android Application Development book at Amazon. Waiting for my friend now to get back here in the Philippines.
Still thought i could buy the Android Developers Phone 1 but my credit card limit is low, and besides how am i going to pay it in the long run?

From October in which i started to know more about and doing apps, to presenting it at Google DevFest Manila, to pausing it for an Enterprise Project , then i was pulled out and then got back to a new Android project, after a week of UI designing and reviewing of Android, got pulled out again for an enhancement product working on SAP.

Whew! i am still looking at updates and news currently i found out Android SDK 1.1_r1 so i updated my eclipse and local sdk. I guess i will code Android for spare time for now!


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