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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I am at 90% of changing my career life

I've seen so many people in the enterprise world for doing a job to what they applied for, yes they are earning as expected, but how about the joy and interest of it? the progress for you as an individual? I cannot ask someone about how was you day as a @#$% and they ended up saying stressfull because of my tasks and my manager. That is very common for the corporate world. I just wanted to point out that i am still a nobody / rookie / novice in many things. But in general i can say that i learned alot and still am, many of which i wanted to know more, but due to the fact that i am in a position of an "employee" ,new programmer, i can't complain yet,because it is going to be the company's plan for their success. Most of my work done are from Turnovers,small outsource modules and POC just one entirely new project in which i was(i was pulled out) because they need someone to fill in to an existing project in w/c they put the person to a new one) happy. Anyway i feel the same way as the new fresh grads like me are also doing these surprising tasks.

I am almost a year working as a Software Engineer (Jr.) but i can say that i know little things from many technologies i had handled because they are not giving me(i dunno about the others) the time to really get to know something in particular ,i heard they need us to be Multitasking ! they maybe right but i think they are short of developers or got too many projects and the worst of all turnovers are a big problem pass it on - pass it on, you get to code and make designs in a project you haven't started or don't have an idea out of it? nuff said you get the idea!

From this i want to understand the entire thing (start from scratch with a team just like me before in one of the projects - you know who you guys are) and in the end i can do almost anything with it without any big problems. I don't know if i am saying this w/o offending others that i felt frustrated and didn't think of this before i get into the war. But i think maybe i am a person in which i wanted to do a specific kind of work,start from scratch,or work with a certain kind of person or company? Wait the cool things in w/c i am working are : I like the environment,the free-form acts inside the office, the uniqueness of the workplace and the people behind it but the rules of getting to understand ever SE to what they wanted to do , and listening to them , and eventually will happen (i don't know if i am correct with this) is something different. Only 1 TM in our office sure knows what is our needs and wants. Maybe if that person didn't come nothing will change and the worst part many of which(SE) will be gone by now.

So i can say that that something is running in my mind from last month(got shifted from 3 quick projects) that i wanted to see myself outside the box, look for answers to the questions that im asking about myself. Soon i'll get to know the real me and pursuing the career i maybe missing or just missed!


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