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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Am i going Bum?

Just had my contract expired for being a probationary for the company, and since my internet connection got lost for about 4 days i had no contact with them and from that point on we just do SMS and told one another to get online at this time, but still no reply on their part in which when they did SMS me i replied quickly, from that point on i am anticipating that they might not want me to continue ? but still having thoughts why would they text me the message about a new contract?

I did emailed them the Android Project i made for the past 2 mos in which 2 more modules for the phase 1 are still needed , their webservice for it was still under construction i gave them a straight email about these matters and up to now they are not communicating back, we'll tomorrow is another day / week to work if i ever do have one! more or less i'll lay back and relax more afterwards if this is really something i will entertain other employers now.


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