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Saturday, September 12, 2009

SMART Android Developer Conference

SMART actually made a very good start to pump up some of the people to learn Android. They had everything planned accordingly. Speakers are known for their craft. Ofcourse marketing for their part was there as what HTC also did. But all in all equality among others were served right!

Students/professionals might have a short understanding of knowledge when it comes to the Android Introduction since the time alloted were limited. We hope to see an event for Android Development in particular, i hope everyone went home with some Android knowledge for them to share with others.

Don Henricos food were fantastic, my tummy just didn't help me to what i was expecting haha(kinabag ako haha) .

Met new big bosses that are squeezing in Android to their business or should i say somehow getting there to put in Android. Well in fact participants were not that given a chance more to ask about the Android Platform , that was i am waiting for SMART to initiate or something like after party since it is Friday hehe 'peace'

Hope to hear another Android "Dev" event soon .


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