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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Renewing things...

Just got home from an Android Developer event by SMART , you guys rock big time eheh.
Although people was still in crave to know more about Android App. Dev. the conference was a very good start to have- Great FOOD!

Just got an offline pm from my GM telling that the contract for me to become a regular employee would be ready by now or Sunday, hope i got to check them first!

So i guess i'll be sticking with them since i wanted to finish what i have started for them, lots of opportunities lately. Too bad students nowadays doesn't have the idea of what their future awaits unless they really are looking for that specific thing in life/career after college. I am trying to help you guys learn a technology that in my honest opinion will stick just like Java did! I am also in exchange learning by teaching these stuff!

Back to droiding...


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