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Saturday, September 12, 2009

How to help Filipinos know about Android / Android App Dev.

Well in my honest opinion these are my suggestions in no particular order.

- Start at the Colleges/Universities.(well i guess this should be 1st)
- Advertise Android locally
- Gamble in putting up Android into your business.
- Read articles about Android over the Internet.
- Buy a book / e-book and read it.
- Attend Android Dev Conferences
- Ask questions from Android Enthusiasts/developers
- Join Mobile developers group particularly Android
- try to invest on developers in which they are the ones who will make the profits soon.
- try to reach out for your current countrymen's capability for purchasing handsets.
- If you know Android /Android App Dev. try out the examples/read articles for more advanced stuff.
- Practice what you have learned.
- Try to get out of your comfort zone.
- Google should now include the Philippines in the Android Market for publishing paid apps. And get some Google Conference showcasing Android

These are solely my opinion , suggestions are for people in a company,company itself,individual or group of developers ,telcos and of course end-consumers.


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