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Friday, July 02, 2010

Goal Setting... Time for me to do it!

Making life better in some way seems to be ingrained in our nature. One asks how can I be happier, healthier, wiser, or freer. You can use goals for a better job, better living conditions, improved health, and much more.
Goal setting is an excellent tool for creating a successful better life.

I wanted to share these goals (draft i guess?) just to see it in the future if i have or haven't done it according to plan, it is me who will do the grueling tasks and sacrifices for me to bear something fruitful beyond what i can imagine.

  • Get a good Bank
  • Spend wisely on material things and leisurely stuff.
  • Run less races.
  • Work enthusiastically 
  • Anticipate everything but not overdo it
  • Exercise if you are not Tired!
  • Get a good Multivitamins
  • Invest into something (ok i guess this part is still subjective)
  • Get into a good working relationship NOW hahaha!
  • Learn Swimming
  • Always learn and implement new things in Mobile specifically on Android
  • Be thankful always.
As these things  i listed may be raw and still needs sometime for me to work on and i guess add more ill update things soon , but for now I thank God that i have a job this coming August and will do everything i can handle and also those things that really challenge me , just to be a better and more interesting my life would be not by just merely roaming around in your comfort zones.


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