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Monday, July 05, 2010

Painfully Happy - Marathon Experience

Well that is not my time(world record until now), and certainly not me . But i just can't bear in mind how fast his legs can endure the long run of a marathon!

Yesterday i was in the Quirino Grandstand checking in my bag and did my warm ups accordingly we came in on time for us to prepare everything Thank GOD! Me and my crazy friend who did pushed me to join a marathon , that when he first asked me i was hesitant since i was only running for 5 months back then and a marathon training for a month? Yes it is Possible but not comfortable to do when you are running a marathon.

So we waited and already in sweat before the gun start of the 34th Milo Marathon (the most prestigious national marathon in the Philippines). As the gun was pulled in, runners shouted and i focused on my target pace of 7:07 min/km using my GF305. I ran comfortably slowly until 19km, I tried to stop and drink at every water station i will pass with, As i saw my pace was under 7min/km i told myself maybe i can handle this for some time, turns out i was wrong. After the 25-29km mark, i just hit my wall. As i can remember leg trainings are vital part of every runner, in which i only train them slightly in the gym with a 15min bike and before i was doing weights on them but i stopped. Im now thinking to do more of them and do some ground floor exercise to make it flexible soon. 

From reaching 32km mark i was doing run/walk and runners now are passing me, as the marshalls put me in my 2nd necklace marker i was happy enough to run another loop in the   marathon map. Everything was first breaking in my 32km mark from our training, and doing a lot of fly-overs in the Roxas Blvd, was hell and i felt a pricking sensation in my heart that bothers me to run slowly. After i found out i was feeling ok with my breathing and i don't feel any discomfort for me to take a piss, But my legs are really in pain and they wanted to stop. As i am running/jogging/walking in the Macapagal road turning in 34kms and getting that 3rd necklace yahoo! i was happy enough that i can make it in the 6 hrs cut-off and i did calculated everything since i am always walking than running/jogging. 

Upon entering roxas , i felt cramps all over my feet - calves. So i decided to take more walks up until the fly-overs. I did not take water stations since i thought i know i can still save it when i come back . After passing into the 42k turning point , slowly walking and jogging, i felt the need to drink and started to jog to those water stations i've passed , unfortunately they ran out of water bottles, and so the second station! It was a red- alert for me since i was thirsty , i ran in every 500meters just to make it work for the time. So i had my drink of a gatorade but in the ccp area already. I found out i just need to do less than 4kms . So i did more walk, but i decided to do more berserk in these last kms and told myself if you are going to be painful and you wouldn't cooperate , my heart will!

As i ran i guess under 7 or 6 since i got the urge from trying out that Gel (im afraid to drink it up until the 3rd loop, thinking my stomach will get upset) I guess it did gave me some energy specially with my legs to run that fast again in the last 2.5kms. That i managed to passed many runners walking already.

As i saw my friends shouting you can get that medal and finisher's shirt and told me stop for they are going to take a picture and so i did hehehe. I was thinking hey time is running better run again!

After passing in the starting area (they are removing it already) and making a left turn, i saw cars already in the parking area and us just making our way to the finish line. we are only 3 guys hitting the finish line in the time of 5:53 and i was wrong timing my GF after passing in the Starting line, it should have been after the gun start that i started timing myself (10min delay). Good thing i did berserks in those last kms or else i couldn't make it.

Well i think i did a full marathon after passing that mark, putting my medal, handing off my certificate, finisher shirt and milo packs. My friend who finished already was there shouting Congrats!

Training a marathon is not difficult, it is more than difficult, you need to take at least 4months to gather those legs to endure longer runs (this is the most important lesson i've learned).
running a marathon is a different story, you need to show and see if your training pays off!

After training in for 1 month, running in the morning on the road with all those dirt and dust, risky runs every night where only lights were the vehicles, getting up early to train ...etc..

I did finished slow in a marathon but hey, from all those trainings and dedications i' had put on it ? 
i felt i broke a world record and came on top!


  • At 10:14 AM , Anonymous kassy said...

    CONGRATULATIONS!! That's a milestone! :) Hello there, Marathoner!

  • At 8:35 PM , Blogger Michael Angelo said...

    thanks Kassy! you will earn this soon! hehehe now for me back to lower distances, but hey i got a half-mary this aug 1 heheh


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