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Saturday, July 03, 2010

Marathon Day

In about 18 hrs i'll be running my first ever marathon, wearing a Nike compression shorts(first to do the tight thing), the Milo Singlet, my Brooks Beast(please do not get wet, you are more heavier), my Brooks Sun visor and my Oakley Livestrong Radar Path.
After i started running for 6 months and told myself that i would run a marathon within this year, i guess i was wrong , i did challenged myself much earlier because of my friend and that is to join this prestigious marathon in the Philippines, that i did half-marathons already (including the trainings). Later on i will take on the grandest distance that i will cover - 42.195km.

Marathon Training is very difficult and we did it in a span of just 1 month running in as long as 32kms (one of our training days).

My only concern would be the cut-off of 6 hrs after the gun start. In which i know is going to be a time pressured race among all the races i have joined from the past 6 months. My target pace would be 7:07 min/km that i set my Garmin Forerunner 305 to 7:00 min/km just to gave myself some more time. But if i can run 6min/km that would be good doing it in a steady pace, of course having a threshold might push myself doing the target pace. I guess i can finish the marathon 5 hrs using my target pace.

I'm excited and challenged but the hardest part right now is to sleep in about 6 or 7pm to get a good 6 or 7 hrs of sleep.

- Run slow
- Get your target pace
- water station every 5km
- banana station when you are hungry
- maintain focus
- give a little berserk!

as i promised i'll do a double cartwheel upon finishing the race! hehehe

Good luck everyone and check out the map below

So i guess i'll post my experience after... Running now...


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