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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Student Driver ... No more

Since the start i have seen people driving , i told myself why not learn them ? My sisters do have a car available for me to use but the thing is my time to do the practice. I do not want to ask with my dad since he is very much the last guy i would ask or not. So when i had the right money i enrolled to A-1 Driving school and did my lessons for 7 hrs.

The first day was a night driving , the second and third were the maneuvers /parking/techniques. I also did attended lectures and orientations just to complete the whole lessons. I can say they have a good learning program but i guess in my 7 hrs that is not too much not enough since i had watched and studied some driving videos hehehe. Anyway right now i was a student driver trying to practice once a week permitted of course by my mom. As a month goes by i decided to apply for a non-professional license, it was a 3 days absent for that in work. But i made it and had to pay thousand for the fees.

Right now i am driving as many times as before and my parking skills are improving and the engine shutdown is almost gone with me hehehe. I guess driving is not as comfortable yet for me , and my right leg is still strained because of the number of days i am driving unlike before. I guess cars are really toys for the big boys, that i wanted to have my own, since i can say the one i am driving is somewhat a family car (me and my dad are the only ones using ) but i do not have the full control of the car , and i wanted to do things for my own ... and that turns out to have my own car (hope to save money for this ). Anyway earning a skill nowadays is not free (but i can give you if you ask me and i have the time heheh) , but having them after is as rewarding as you would think of.

Now i guess i am driving ... from a passenger - student driver - nonpro......well i guess experience will mold me more and being a defensive driver and friendly at all times on the road.

Drive safely!


  • At 10:05 PM , Blogger RunningAtom said...

    Hi, I was astounded that you spent 3 days just for New Non-pro license application! It should have only took you one day for that.

    When the renewal time comes (after 3 years), I suggest that you go to a nearest Mall and have your license renewed at a DLRC, where it will only take you less than an hour for the renewal.

    Good luck on your driving and stay safe!


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