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Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Everything happens for a Reason.

FYI: i am not lost, i just need to find something.

As promised i was supposed to blog things that happend throughout this journey , i guess i am too lazy to discuss it for now, it is almost 3 mos that i am living here and just felt different and learnt a lot of things and still trying to cope myself to the community. Nevertheless, it is hard for a non EU person to live here entirely knowing that another country which is much bigger and interesting is right across the border and you couldn't cross it. I guess that is the difference between them from us. All we need to do is make all these arrangements every time we need/want it. Honestly i am quite happy and a little bored to what is happening around me.

Happy because i met these very good and interesting people and still learning a lot from them from time to time and they are happy to have you, knowing a country's culture,tradition and history by your own eyes through living the experience is just a privilege for the few.

Bored, mainly because you need to have a new set of local friends for you to get along with the place and hang out normally, just like you were back home, secondly i am quite stuck here hahaha, third the place is really a tourist spot, that if you'r not an EU citizen you need to hold on to your life living here and find your spot in this country.

All in all it's all GOD's plan that i am here living and working for the better good... we'll take it from here....until then... Life's a Journey!


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