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Monday, July 25, 2011

A Programmer's ...Day

I will try to summarize in a way, living your life as a Programmer.

1. i wake up:

 (a) do hygienic stuff

2. (b) Eat,drink,vitamins(you'll need it)

3. a

4. Primp up, check your bag(if you are going to somewhere else like gym..(i do) or not)

5. Walk,bus,taxi,train whatever for you to be in the office before 10 am(9am to some)

6. 10-20mins checking articles,emails,tweets,blog post etc.

7. Start of work:

8. Lunch at 1 pm or almost 2 pm

9. get back to work (in real life you sometimes switch to websites,listen to music while bored or stress in a minute or so)

10. meeting if there are any(also applies before number 6)

11. continue coding (if you smoke then do it before this number)

12. 6pm... save all codes, absorbed all the stress left for tomorrow or the next week.

13. if you are like me, sometimes i can be in the office up until 2 hrs more since i do not want something hanging that i cannot solve or a bug pops out heheeh, even though there is no over time pay whatsoever.

14. Leave the office with your headache or smile in your face.

15. do number 5(but going home or somewhere else if there are things left in your life other than programming and geeky stuff)

16. change clothes

17. a

18. b

19. Computer again still checking what was left (emails , blog post,social networks,videos)
more time? watch a video or so... grab a snack or simply others still CODE (for me it depends)

20. read something technical(or not) or just get on the bed and sleep thinking about what happened today and will happen tomorrow...

21. REPEAT or if you have another version of this?

.... So do you want to be a programmer now?

*on the brighter side: you get an above average salary (think of the possibilities you can do with it.)


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