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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Have you found it?

 I have this way of needing to find “purpose” in what I do with my days that sucks the enjoyment out of everything.  Why do I do that?  Why do WE do that?  Why does everything needs a purpose?  Oh, I want so badly to just do what I love without an agenda.  Without thinking of how I could be better utilizing my time or how I could make money at it or how I could use it to “minister” to people.  

Although my work is something i like and still needs a lot of technical know-how, moving in to one path after another, taking risks, coding for me is just a means to an end. Having a purpose in Life (not just work) is something all of us should strive looking, picking up the pieces in your experiences every single day. But somehow that “purpose” is still missing and i wanted to find it so that i can just tell myself everyday i am living the dream i wanted without prejudice and experiencing the sweetness of doing nothing.


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