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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Living the Dream... or almost close to it ?

too bad ...

Have you ever told yourself that you are "Living the Dream" ? or at least close to it?

Does the goals you are trying to achieve make up that dream? 

Setting up our goals are quite difficult specially when you know you are enjoying things in an unplanned way. Honestly speaking how i wish i could say this expression when i am in my early 30's. But right now i am still putting up the pieces, climbing up the ladder, learning different and crucial things in life, but i guess those are the processes we need to experience and out of the blue you just thought that hey... i guess i am Living the dream and you can now wear this awesome shirt :

If you do, then just continue and nourish every moment of it share it with others and fulfill the rest of the things you think you still wanted to experience. After all Life is too short for us to think of the things that doesn't give us fulfillment and satisfaction. 

- just my two cents!


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