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Thursday, October 12, 2006

College Graduate at 23

I don't know what to feel writing this post and sharing it to the public in fact there are many students out there that is may have the same story that im going to share.

When we talk about College it means that something good is to be brought by yourself after you graduated. It's a matter of finishing all the necessary projects and not failing your respective subjects at stake!

For me, i never really imagined i'm going to graduate (i'm still in the process) at 23!

My first college years was in the year 2001 doing good and i'm hanging out with some great people , being a freshman at that time was fun and interesting. You had to know different people learn new things from the school.

after the first sem of that i had to stop to give way of my sisters education they were studying at a private school that is very well known in the Philippines, (my mom was the only person working for the family and please don't ask the reason why i hate HIM?) my mom told me if i could stop so i just simply said " ok ! "

after the first sem i had in school i was a bum in the house trying to read books...
it was somewhat embarrased not going into college unlike my high school friends who are attending classes everytime i go outside my house!

they had to ask why did you stop ? i just answer i had to for my sisters education!

after a year and it was the 2nd semester of 2002-2003 i was enrolled with the same school but this time being with a new younger people and friends.. my batch mates were making fun of me saying " that is you classmate he is already your "KUYA" (meaning "older") and i just laugh at those stuff..

guess what after that i still got to enrolled the first sem of school year 2003-2004
after that i thought this time around its going to be continous! in which it wasn't

until i had to make my 2nd pit stopped after that semester!
i didn't enrolled the 2nd sem of that school year and became a BUM once a gain reading books and nights where i told myself can i ever finish college?

im not going to talk about the details for that its always new friends my batchmates are graduating already !

so after that my mom agin, told me to enroll this coming first semester 2004-2005 so i eat my pride not to be ashamed for what my position in college was that i'm older than them !
i did not think any of the negative things that other people might say it's just that i wanted to finish my desired course and get a good job to help my family and others!

after the 1st semester of 2004-2005 my batchmates were already going to graduate that year in which i were too! sadly i'm not.

Unfortunately i had to stop for the 2nd sem again for some lack of financial that my family was having that time ,my 2 sisters already graduated from that high paying ,good quality, well-known school! that they might help me finish my college!

so i decided to transfer to a new university, its simply because i'm still not feeling good after the years i've spent from my first college years! that they can only see me sem after sem then leaving my batchmates or my recent classmates, i felt ashamed for myself already!

that's why my mom and my sisters decided to enrolled me in their alumni school , i entered the university 2nd semester of 2004-2005 and still taking up my course BS. Computer Science!

my sisters are working hard for my family and ofcourse my mom is working almost 24/7 just to give us the everyday needs .. It's very hard for me but i UNDERSTAND ALL THE THINGS THAT HAPPEND TO ME! that maybe GOD has a way of giving me those experiences to learn more about myself and how does a persons life might changed even you already plan the things that you want in the future!

right now ! im already 22 ending the 1st semester of 2006-2007 that i can say that (oops not again!) this time i'm going to work very hard to get more good grades, my past is done what matters is the present things that i am doing to shape what is in store for me in the future!

I need 1 more school year (2007-2008) to graduate in which i can get the most memorable thing that will happen to a person whom almost thought that he cannot graduate and decided to stopped studying but then somehow he continues to fight all the hardships he might face ..

I'm still priveleged to study in college eventhough im very late finishing my degree!

no matter what happend i'm going to find a way not to stopped college again!

hopfully i can get my first job at 23 hehehe !

see you all this coming march 2008 for my graduation ! ^_^


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