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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Playing PC Games

I actually still on this matter but i can say that now i can control myself ! in the past years ive played an online massively multiplayer online game called RAGNAROK Online
in which i can play for almost 24/7 me and my friends are having our lunch and dinner at the computer shop! Yeah we had fun , but our health and physical appearance will be different eheheh

most of the people playing pc games sometims or should i say most of the time neglect other important things that is much more needed at that time! im saying that if there is something to be done then do it first and afterwards go on playing games on your pc. Im not into playing pc games im just trying to help other people cope up with their problems especially when it comes to having a low grades because of playing Online games or LAN games at these computer shops!

well think again unless you are really that GREAT then you can join in those prestigous competition to earn big bucks in which me and my friends had that RPC Champions 2005 , anyway if it is for merely fun then try to know when are you going to play games and why do you need to play games when in fact there are so many things to do at the first time!

So i just leave you guys with these dont blame me cause im still playin with self control ofcourse!

Just play for fun if there are no other things to do or when you finished something that is tough and you need to unwind then PC games with your friends might help you!


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