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Friday, October 27, 2006

My Workout Plan

I've been dealing with myself for almost a year now because of discontinued working out in the gym , i know that i had some foundation within me but then i messed it up with thing like not eating on time , doesn't exercise regularly and specially not sleeping on time!

I know that im losing my goal to the body that i wanted im doing this because this would only be the thing that can keep me fit unlike my high school days! I hope that after i post this article i will get back to a nice gym and reach my long time goal i mean it will really eat some time on me but then its a matter of separating the right time whenever something is much needed!

So STUDY first GYM second!

PS:I'll open myself out this last week of the semestral break for the opening of my new workout plan together with the start of 2nd sem Wish me luck!


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