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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

JAVA -The One

Im going to talk about my programming language history, that made my life difficult and fun it was right before i set my eyes on how to make things do their work by telling them and so i became curious on things . I pick up BS. Computer Science for the sake that (im going to post my story about I.T.) i love computing and when i learned programming that makes my interest more fun.

Sadly it i did not have a COMPUTER all my life to work on these languages much better, yes i don't have it i just code it in papers and remember the stuff .. it was very hard for me to learn these .... all the languages that im going to talk about is all coming from no PC Computer Science student..

so im going to share my first programming language which is Turbo Pascal(2000-2001)
It was my 4th year high school when my first programming really came.. at first it was very hard for me building yourself to know the fundamentals of programming.. pascal made its way for teaching us what programming really is . I wish i just studied it more seriously .

when i step into college taking up computer science it was the C Programming Language that came in to me..
it was not that easy because there are many other features of C that can't be used for today and i mean its still the foundation back then..
they say i was good at it ,my classmates always ask me to help and sometimes make their program by paying me ... i had my project which i made a simple scrabble game and i remember joining a programming contest wherein i walk out because i finished the programs fast but the proctore immediately told me that its not in the direction and i argue what directions are yo talking about i didn't see what you're talking about?
and from that i really got mad to programming ..

from C i had the subject Visual Basic in which it doesn't really trigger me much and i still manage to pass the subject VB is fun and fast for making programs.. also a great language

so when i trasferred to another school(don't ask me why) , that time i stopped for almost 2 years and then continue studying computer science.
C++ came into my life.. when c++ started to go in my brain it was very diffiicult for me that it seems that you're a newbie at doing these stuff. I told myself maybe because i haven't program that long 2 years? and from that i try my best to pass the subject and i did ...

that time on we also had this subject theory and concepts of programming language wherein you had to study and make it work one programming language that you did not know..
Borland Delphi is the one that was given to us...

so i self studied almost all the materials,luckily for me i still have the background of pascal that it really do helped for me, my groupmates did not want these kind of stuff reading etc.. as i studied it for almost a month , my interest would be the multimedia of delphi and i made a simple audio player that you just select from you drive put it in a list then play it with a progress bar and a remove button , hey i think that's okey , my other groupmate made a simple scientific calculator. When we defend our programs about delphi and all its concepts our professor gave us a grade of 98% eheheh!

after delphi...

JAVA Programming Language came , from that day on i heard JAVA so many times to but did not know that i'm going to study and learned it in college..
so when things get into proper teachings by our professor he is good at JAVA !
I felt something different that hey this language is the one i'm looking for !
although at first i was still having many difficulties in the OOP i still manage to know and understand it that time. we had assignments that other sections projects is its equivalent!
our professor really pushed us that JAVA is great and powerful tool.
From that i understand and told my self that this is THE ONE that im looking for , from that my interest to programming came back and .. when me and my friend bernard had the project to make a TicTacToe game we did the program in 2 sleepless days.. one application in exe format and one on the web...(FYI: i also self-studied HTML when i stopped from that 2 years i had to go to my cousins house to see if my html works i bought a book HTML Complete before christmas that i told myself this is my give for myself ^_^)
ok back to JAVA.. from that our professor told us its not yet your final project so he wanted us to incorporate A.I in java so because of lack of time i just made a simple Pizza ordering System on the web and also in exe.. my real idea is to track the person that the order came!
anyway i passed the subject in very good grades although my classmates still is higher than my grade doesn't matter they sometimes ask questions about java and Html that they don't know eheheh.

after that sem..

i'm back to studying VB, after java i really wanted to continue reading books and practicing java but then its time for me to go back in VB and also learned more about it.

so its not that much going on i just remembered most of the syntax and an additional SQL in vb and crystal reports ..
i had my minor thesis this sem.. we made an enrollment system that covers preschool to highschool and damn, i really had my muscles went down that my body got thin again waaaaaaa
almost 2 months of not having a good night sleep thinking the system all day long it is only me and my friend Cyril that manage to work on the system..
Unfortunately this was my first major programming thing that we didn't finish the system completely but then I REALLY LEARNED THE SYSTEM DESIGN AND ALL ABOUT IT by using vb 6.0 and crystal reports! i must say that it is a 80% working system not bad? ehehe

and now ending the semester still looking forward to re-study java ,but then i notice that i need VB for my Major thesis coming next sem and java wouldn't help me because i do not know much from the language! (but i wanted to have my OJT a java centered ehehe)
anyway i told myself after the major thesis i can't wait to get back in studying JAVA again..
i sometimes check websites where java is the topic.. i also downloaded stuff ...

the best thing happend i had a computer now check my post!

my conclusion from the languages i had studied ,i think you just need to know what you love and the one you're really looking for i mean i found it in JAVA it took me how many languages to finally see the programming language that i'm most interested to. From all these stuff that i have been to i'm very proud to say that,
I'm going to pursue a career in JAVA after college!


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