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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

I.T. All begun here !

Ok so i'm proud to say my tech life hope you had the interest too.

I was in my grade 5-6 when i noticed a weird looking machine from a video rental shop ! yes a video shop they had 2 computers that are running ofcourse DOS and these two guys was doing things that caught my attention i prankly talked to them how do i use the "Computer" and they just said to me its easy you just need to go on with basic! so i noticed that their typing some words on the screen.. i also asked them what are those words for? they said those are called DOS commands use to manipulate things here on the computer..
so after that i also seen them putting something in th CPU they told me it is a form of storage..

so after that they told me to come by and they will try to help me operate the machine.

from that i wanted to learn DOS first so i went on National Bookstore to find for DOS materials but i don't have enough money to buy books i was in elementary waaaaaa
so a chart that ive seen saying DOS basic commands so i picked it up and i noticed that there is this command that my friends from the shop are typing so i know i had the correct chart iu bought it for 20-30 pesos cannot remember anymore that was 1996! and then head to the shop to see if it is going to work and then nothing happend but then my friend gave me all the necessary advices and knowledge to operate a pc and even play games via disketter eheh

from that i learned DOS and all the basic things from computer i can say self studying things really is the answer!

take note my knowledge here helped me in my computer classes in H.S specially in College wherein they had to learn DOS and i had to surf the web ahahahah

from the web i heard the internet thing and ask people where could i see it they ask me get a shop with an internet connection .. from that i did not know Windows 95 but then it was beautiful and easy to operate i don't need to learned and ask someone execept if i need to learn a program inside windows.. i know that the browser's icon is letter E so i clicked and open the yahoo site wherein i manage to understand every thing there that i had to make my first ever e-mail address :m5ph@yahoo.com (ihad a hard time picking names o this is generated by yahoo)

i sometimes check the email but i have a new one .
anyway from that internet is also a big question for me so i self studied it by searching it on the web itself..
believe me im always at these internet shop trying to learn everything that sometimes the owner is telling me not to do that!..

from that Information technology really is for me that it made myself think and be interested at things that can shape the world and make people's work much easier!


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