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Monday, October 09, 2006

My Personal Computer at LAST!

Well i thought this powerful machine will still take long for me...
It was on August 10, 2006 at exactly 8:35pm i bought my first ever PC whew...
i chose Hewlet Packard because of a nice design...

anyway i first wanted to buy a laptop because im now on my minor thesis.. but when i turn my head to the other side i saw this beautiful set up pc it was from hp...

although not that powerful as i wanted to it will still give my computing power that i need right now my pc specs :

AMD Sempron 3200+ running at 1.8ghz
MS-7184 motherboard
memory: is pc400 at 256mb (low because it will become 224) hopefully my target is 2gb heheh
video card :
on board ati radeon x200 series(32mb was set here waaa need to buy a new graphics card)
on board sound(its okay but im still thinking of having a pci)
LCD monitor at 17"
multimedia keyboard and optical mouse

well i think that's my machine for now soon ill post his (mentor) upgraded specs

thank God that i had the opportunity for this...
now i can make programming more easy and fun than before im craving for this for almost the first time i set my eyes on a PC way back 1996!


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