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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Programming in College

Hmm i guess this topic is very usual to all i.t interested people specially making their way to programming, I have my BS. Computer Science and i know that this course is not just your any ordinary courses offered in college. I honestly had so many math subjects that i had an excess one (didn't had it credited with my new school sayang lang ehehe) it was Abstract Algebra , i love math after all . Math in programming is a very crucial part, witout it your analytical and solving skills would be not that good. Analysis in every problem you try to solve really makes you think and do something much efficient with what would the answer will be with the good solution to it. I also have 2 college physics in which im going to take the 2nd this semester and i know physics will still help in coming up with a definite conclusion to a problem that needs to be satisfied with the problem or the situation needed. So i guess any subjects we are going to have in taking up I.T. will really shape our programming skills. I had many programming languages learned in college and still counting yet i had to choose one that is JAVA, i told myself i had to master one programming language in order to have this sense of achievement that will take place after graduation. For the other skills you've learned it will also be just on the side if everything else fails but i know this part is just something you are going to do when you are not yet ready for the real deal!

Many of my classmates got a hard time taking programming languages , i also know that they are difficult, but it is up to us students to pursue what we really want and why do we need to excel more on these subjects. Computer Programming is something that you don't learn by listening to the professor reading books , those are just some of the ingredients we also need to apply and make cool programs at home and especially if you want something more just have your book and self study things im sure these things will always be in you routine everyday!

its just eat drink sleep programming(in my case JAVA) to become a good programmer , in college we don't need it yet just part of it so that you will have the necessary knowledge about the languages you had learned and eventually study it more when the real time comes!

Progamming in College is tough and boring (i mean serious) because our lifestyle will be much more different than your friends who are not into programming!

From this on i know that people in college doing good in programming will have their preferred computer language and then master it , the things will benefit us in the near future!


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